TESmart HDMI KVM Switcher 2 Port 4K@60Hz Supports Mechanical and Multimedia Keyboard & Mouse USB 2.0 Control up to 2 Devices


Plug Type: US Plug
Color: Black
Sale price$129.99


Power plug comparison table
EUBK=European standard black 
USBK=U.S. standard black 
UKBK=British standard black
AUBK=Australian black
(EU: plug specification  BK: product color black )

You've just set up your new home office, or have begun work at a new company. As part of your job, you need to use two, sometimes three, four computers at your work station. However, setting up four monitors, four keyboards, and four mice is making your desk far too crowded. Plus, there’s the additional hassle of moving around to use each computer. Or perhaps you’re working in a data center with servers in racks. You need to switch among hundreds, perhaps thousands, of servers in rack cabinets. How would you even accomplish this? What if there were a device that could allow you to quickly and easily access two, three, or more computers with just a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse? There is, and it’s called a KVM switch.

This Newest TESmart KVM switch is the latest chip upgrade solution that is compatible with 95% of the mouse and keyboard on the market.

For the safety request by some express company,the remote control is not equipped battery by default. Please install the button battery CR2025 before using it.


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