For 4 PCs & 3 Monitors

Collection: For 4 PCs & 3 Monitors

Digital artists and 3D modelers who need an expansive digital canvas can find their solution in our KVM switch for 4 PCs & 3 monitors. It's crafted to transform your workspace into a panoramic studio, ideal for creative exploration.

KVM Solution

Panoramic Creativity

With our KVM switch, your workspace becomes a panoramic stage for creativity. Navigate through your digital landscape with three monitors that provide a sweeping view of your art and models.

More Than a KVM Switch

Creative Command Core

This KVM switch is the core of your creative command, a docking station that serves as the foundation of your expansive setup. It's where your devices align, ready to support your artistic workflow.

Designed for You

Designed for Digital Artists

For digital artists and 3D modelers, this KVM switch is your creative blueprint. It's crafted for those who build bridges between imagination and reality, offering an expansive visual environment for your projects.

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