For 4 PCs & 2 Monitors

Collection: For 4 PCs & 2 Monitors

Video editors and audio engineers who work with extensive digital assets require a setup that supports dual displays for editing and monitoring. Our KVM switch for 4 PCs & 2 monitors is the perfect solution for professionals seeking to enhance their editing suite.

KVM Solution

Editing Excellence

Enter a domain where dual monitors become the canvas for your editing prowess. Our KVM switch blends four PCs into a dual-monitor setup, unveiling new layers of potential for your projects.

More Than a KVM Switch

Multimedia Nexus

Our KVM switch is the nexus of your multimedia setup, a docking station that binds your digital world together. It's where your devices converge, providing the connectivity needed for complex editing tasks.

Designed for You

Designed for Video and Audio Professionals

For video editors and audio engineers, this KVM switch is your studio enabler. It's designed for those who require a sophisticated setup to bring their multimedia visions to life, offering seamless control and connectivity.

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