TESmart Intelligent 5 Ports HDMI Switcher, Supports 4K@30Hz, Full HD1080P, 3D with IR Remote


Color: Black
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Have you run out of HDMI ports on your HDTV/monitor/projector? Is the cable connection messy?
The HDMI TESmart 5x1 HDMI switch with infrared remote control will solve these problems.
  • Connect 5 devices to the TV using only an HDMI cable. Reduces cable clutter behind the TV and/or increases the number of devices to connect. The switch allows you to switch from one connected source to another without having to permanently connect and disconnect your HDMI high definition cables, thus avoiding damage to your TV's HDMI port and the cable connectors themselves!
  • It can switch automatically (depending on the active input), allowing you to enjoy your multimedia content instantly, without confusion. It also includes manual switching via the infrared remote control provided. It is provided with the automatic switch on/off function
  • The HDMI 5x1 switch is fast and easy to configure. Just plug and play, plug the cables into the appropriate ports. No software is required for configuration and you don't have to worry about complex installation processes.
For the safety request by some express company,the remote control is not equipped battery by default. Please install the button battery CR2025 before using it.


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