MST KVM + Docking


Dual 4K60Hz for 1 Laptop & 1 Desktop

MST KVM + Docking


Dual 4K60Hz for 1 Laptop & 1 Desktop

Renovate Your Hybrid Life

Perfectly blend MST and docking for dual 4K60Hz displays on a laptop and desktop. Embrace seamless productivity and flexibility in your hybrid home office life.

  • Image Dual Monitors KVM for Laptop and Desktop

  • KVM Docking Station

  • HDMI and DP Inputs: Tailored for Your Desktop

  • Windows: 1 Cable, Dual-Expand. Mac: 2 Cables, Full Function

  • MST Magic: No Additional Dock Needed!

Designed to match most graphics cards with an HDMI+DP port combination, it also features two USB-C ports to support both Windows laptops with MST and MacBooks without MST. This means you can enjoy the flexibility of working on two screens simultaneously, whether you're using a Mac or PC.

This innovative switch not only eliminates the need for an extra dock but also serves as a powerful docking station. It's equipped with a built-in charging module to power your devices and a network switch to connect your laptop and desktop to the internet with a single cable. Enjoy the convenience of multiple USB ports for all your peripherals, and choose between shared or independent display modes. The HDC202-P is the ultimate docking solution, providing everything you need to create an efficient, organized, and high-functioning workstation.

Designed to match the HDMI and DP output of most graphics cards, this switch simplifies your setup by directly connecting to your desktop's native ports. No more hassle with adapters—just plug in and enjoy a tidy, efficient workspace.

For Windows users, a single USB-C cable unlocks dual-monitor productivity with MST (Multi-Stream Transport). MacOS users, often limited by the lack of MST support, can now enjoy a full dual-display setup with two USB-C ports – a solution unmatched in the market. Say goodbye to the frustration of mirrored displays and embrace the HDC202-P's tailored design for expanding your Mac's visual capabilities without the clutter.

Expand your display capabilities with the HDC202-P KVM Switch. Our advanced MST feature allows a single USB-C connection to output video to two monitors, providing a dual-display setup without the need for a separate dock. Ideal for IT engineers, this streamlined solution enhances your workstation's efficiency and productivity.

  • Built-in Charging Module

  • Built-in Network Switch

  • 2 Display Modes

  • EDID Emulator

  • One-Touch Switching, Simplified for You

Effortlessly power your devices directly through our HDC202-P. This KVM switch comes with a dedicated charging module, ensuring your laptops and USB devices stay charged during use, streamlining your power setup and keeping your workspace neat.

Connect your laptop and desktop to the internet with ease using our KVM switch's built-in 1000 Mbps network switch. A single network cable is all you need for a tidy and connected workstation, perfect for seamless file sharing and collaboration.

Tailor your viewing experience with our KVM switch's two display modes. Opt for mirrored displays for shared viewing or extend your desktop across two monitors for an expansive workspace, all with the push of a button.

Maintain perfect display settings with our KVM switch's EDID emulator. It ensures your monitors always receive the correct signal for a stable and reliable visual experience, even when switching between different computers.

Switch inputs effortlessly with our KVM switch's one-touch functionality. Effortlessly switch inputs using hotkeys, the front panel button, or the remote control. Seamless K&M operation after switching. Move between computers with a single button press, streamlining your workflow and reducing the hassle of manual input adjustments.

Reviews from Youtubers

  • @Roberto Jorge

    Revolutionize Your Workspace: TESmart Dual 4K KVM Dock Unboxed!

    Dive into the future of seamless multitasking with our unboxing of the TESmart HDC202-P! This cutting-edge Dual 4K KVM Dock lets you command both your laptop and desktop with a single set of peripherals, all in stunning 4K clarity. It's packed with versatility - HDMI, DisplayPort, USB-C, and more, ready to elevate your work and play. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to efficiency. Get ready to transform your desk into a powerhouse with TESmart. Watch now and redefine your digital life!
    - Roberto Jorge

  • @Roberto Jorge

    The PERFECT KVM for a Laptop + Desktop Setup | Hybrid TESmart KVM !

    00:00:00 Intro
    00:01:00 How it Works
    00:06:44 Unboxing
    00:07:46 Connectivity

    - Roberto Jorge

  • @Roberto Jorge

    O KVM Perfeito para Portátil + Desktop | Um Setup Híbrido TESmart !

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    00:01:09 Funcionamento do KVM
    00:05:54 Unboxing
    00:06:21 Porquê que é Hibrido?
    00:06:50 Ligações e Interface
    00:08:05 Notas
    00:09:06 Conclusão

    - Roberto Jorge


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