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  • TESmart+ADI Chip Solution

    • TESmart+ADI Chip Solution
      Always online, fast switching
    • Complete HDMI 2.1 reception module with HDCP, EDID; signal EQ and decoding
    • Supports VRR, FVA, ALLM, 12Bit, Dynamic HDR
      Signal regeneration and enhancement, supports long cables
    • Fast switching, less screen blackouts; 1 second for 4K@60Hz, 3~5 seconds for 4K@165Hz
    • 4 Ports x 4 Blanks EDID, advanced monitor emulation, better compatibility
  • Traditional Hard Switching Solution

    • Disconnect and reconnect, slower switching
    • No HDCP, EDID, or signal decoding modules
    • Basic pass-through of HDMI 2.1 features
    • No signal enhancement, limited cable support
    • Slower switching, more screen blackouts; more than 5 seconds
    • Higher compatibility issues