Discover, Test, Innovate: Ctrl-F by TESmart

Discover, Test, Innovate: Ctrl-F by TESmart

Discover TESmarts Initiative Ctrl-F

As a manufacturer of KVM switches, Matrix, and other multimedia solutions, TESmart is dedicated to continuous innovation, driving forward the technological landscape with each step. Our products are designed to enhance productivity and simplify the way you work and play. With a commitment to quality and innovation, TESmart has become a trusted name in the industry.

We believe in the power of collaboration and community-driven progress. We want you to share your expertise in software, hardware, design, and other aspects to make a real impact. That is why we are launching our free product testing program, CTRL-F, and asking for your assistance in shaping the future of our products.

The CTRL-F Program, also called Find&Forge, is a platform that welcomes IT professionals, designers, gamers, and users of our products to participate and share insights. Participants can join by filling out the application and will receive benefits for your involvement. You may provide feedback on various aspects of the program and can leave at any time. For more details, you may be interested in our program page.


Test TESmarts Innovative Solutions

Home Office Building for IT Specialists

As working from home becomes more common, certain occupations, like IT specialists, may want to set up home offices for a better and more convenient working environment due to the visual space and flexibility they need to efficiently manage complex tasks.

For instance, during a remote meeting with your superior, having one laptop, one desktop, and dual monitors necessitates the use of a KVM switch docking station. With this setup, you effortlessly display slides, analytics, and reference materials across different screens, sparing you the hassle of constantly switching windows and devices.

With TESmart's KVM switch docking stations, you can effortlessly control both a laptop and a desktop with a single set of peripherals. Most TESmart’s KVM docking stations support MST (multi stream transport), especially since we have this technology available in our USB-C ports (it was originally allowed in DisplayPort and Thunderbolt outputs), which means you get to enjoy this technology on your laptop to drive multiple displays simultaneously using only one single cable; otherwise, multiple cables will be needed if you are using more than one monitor. You can avoid cable clutter and reduce the cost of getting an extra cable at the same time for your home office setup.



Zero-Latency Solution for Multiple Screen Gaming

For gamers, having a zero-latency solution for multiple-screen gaming is paramount. Latency, or the delay between a player's input and the corresponding action on the screen, can significantly impact gaming performance and experience.

In fast-paced games like Overwatch, split-second decisions can mean the difference between victory and defeat. You need to move quickly, aim precisely, and react instantly to changing situations. Any delay, no matter how small, can cost you the game. If your gaming setup involves multiple PCs and monitors, you definitely need a KVM switch that supports K&M pass-through mode for connecting gaming keyboards and mice, and high refresh rates for a better gaming experience.

TESmart’s KVM switches are designed with gamers in mind, with the majority of them offering K&M pass-through mode to ensure compatibility with gaming keyboards and mice. This feature allows gamers to connect their preferred peripherals directly to the KVM switch, bypassing any potential compatibility issues and ensuring responsive input during intense gaming sessions. Also, with support for high refresh rates (4K60Hz, 3440x1440@100Hz, and 2560x1440@144Hz), some of TESmart’s KVM switches ensure smooth and fluid gameplay, providing gamers with the competitive edge they need to dominate the battlefield.



High Resolution Support for Designers

Designers often require multiple screens to enhance their productivity and facilitate their creative workflow. They need to spread out their design tools, reference materials, and work in progress, as well as view different design elements simultaneously without constantly switching between windows.

Being a designer, you must prioritize factors like resolution and color accuracy when choosing displays for your work. These aspects directly impact the quality and precision of your designs. Additionally, when utilizing a KVM switch to manage multiple devices, it's essential to ensure that the switch supports high resolutions and maintains color accuracy across all connected displays.

With most TESmart’s KVM switches supporting 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 resolution and guaranteeing color accuracy, you can trust that your designs will be faithfully represented on every screen, meeting the needs of designers seeking crisp visuals.



Smooth Matrix Switch for Control Room

For professionals working in control room environments, a versatile platform for controlling and distributing signals across various displays and workstations is needed to effortlessly manage multiple video and audio sources.

TESmart’s HDMI Matrix solutions empower operators to effortlessly switch between different sources, such as cameras, computers, and video conferencing systems, with minimal latency and maximum reliability. Our HDMI Matrix ensure smooth and uninterrupted signal routing, enhancing productivity and decision-making processes in control room settings.

With advanced features such as customizable presets, remote management capabilities, EDID feature and support for high-resolution video and audio formats, TESmart's HDMI Matrix offer unparalleled versatility and expandability.



Innovation Commitment Honoring with CTRL-F

From seamless home office setups with MST functionality to zero-latency gaming solutions, high-resolution support for designers, and HDMI Matrix solutions, you can tell that TESmart is committed to empowering professionals across industries with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and collaboration.

Our CTROL-F program exemplifies this commitment. Whether you're an IT professional, designer, gamer, or user of our products, your insights and expertise are invaluable in helping us improve and innovate. By joining our initiative, you become part of a community-driven effort to shape the future of our products. Together, let's discover, test, and innovate to create a better tomorrow.

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