Best KVM Switch You Can Buy Online

Best KVM Switch You Can Buy Online

In some cases, you have several computer workstations that you want to control in order to achieve a goal. Perhaps you are developing a new software program, playing a game, or perhaps working on a graphic design project. However, switching between machines can be a physical strain to add to your already bloated workload. What's more, purchasing several tools such as a keyboard, mouse and more can be expensive.

To make things run smoothly, you will benefit when you have one of the best KVM switch brands for your needs.


What is KVM Switch?

KVM is an acronym for Keyboard Video Mouse. It is a switch that allows you to control multiple computers with a single mouse, keyboard and monitor. Being able to connect your computers in this way has many benefits. It allows you to manage and access several computers or servers from a single source. While investing in the best switch can be a challenge, there are some key factors you should consider for your convenience.

Being able to get products from reliable brands is the best advice for your needs. However, before you are able to get the best product for your needs, you need to do adequate research and make an informed decision. Below is a list of some of the best KVM switches that we have provided for your consideration.


KVM Switch Number of users?

When choosing a KVM switch, it is best to consider the number of users you want to access the system at the same time. Multi-user KVM switches are available that can handle several numbers of users and hardware devices. What's more, there are several KVMs with mouse switching systems that allow several administrators, to control a large number of services.


KVM Switch Video Type

A KVM switch can support various types of analog and digital connector mechanisms. Video support is related to the type of switch, with most types capable of supporting both DVI, HDMI and DP. others may only support VGA, while others are easily suited to switch between various types of video.


KVM Switch Multi-Monitor

There are countless configurations and settings for single or multiple monitor KVM switches. These make it easy to switch between different monitor sources and make the monitors easy to use. Some high-end KVM switch brands allow you to cascade up to seven monitors for your application.


KVM Switch Resolution and Performance

There is nothing better than when you can work on your IT projects in full HD. So, make sure you evaluate the resolution level of the KV switch you choose. Typically, this level varies from device to device, with some ranking as 4K UHD at 60Hz when used locally or over IP. If you have a need for high resolution, consider using analog switches, as they guarantee the best resolution level for such applications.


KVM Switch Support for audio and USB Support

Some brands do a good job of extending the functionality of their KVM switches to include audio support mechanisms. Audio support is also handy, especially if you want to stream audio-visual content from the machine.

You will also find the peripheral hub ports on the KVM switch convenient for using and connecting your devices. These devices include graphics boards, point-and-shoot shuttles, 3D explorers, wireless keyboards, and more. You can even enjoy the benefits of virtual USB media in the IP KVM switch, which also allows you to connect USB devices to the resources of your choice.

Digital vs. front-end IP KVM Switch Solutions

If you want to use KVM Switch over IP to access your equipment from anywhere in the world on a remote network, then there are several suitable options to meet your needs. You can consider a simple digital application, or choose a front-end IP solution. In addition, a purely digital implementation consists of many features, including video, mouse switches, digital keyboards, etc. This network-based technology makes it easy for administrators to access the programming code at the bios level to connect to the server. More importantly, the front-end IP product is placed on the console of any available analog switch and will allow remote users to access the existing KVM switch.

Controlling your networked computer has never been easier. Why? Well, the 4Kx2K Ultra HD KVM Switch facilitates your computing solution. It's a 4-in/1-out HDMI USB switch that you can use to control up to four computers. It even has audio and microphone outputs for additional functionality. Designed to support large standard resolutions, you have a dynamic switch that is ideal for your needs.

The manufacturer of this KVM switch has also done a great job of including an audio and microphone output port, making the unit easy to use. These KVM switches even come with 4kits and 5FT KVM cables that have a wire remote button to make things very convenient. the CKLau can also support excellent resolution levels between 3840x2160@30Hz, making it ideal for delivering vibrant and clear content.

This best KVM switch also offers support for Apple Keyboards, which makes it ideal for use in intensive projects. You can switch the mouse or keyboard independently, thus making it suitable for switching between different devices when working.

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