TESmart Spotlights Advanced KVM Solutions at Inter BEE 2023 Japan

TESmart Spotlights Advanced KVM Solutions at Inter BEE 2023 Japan


As a professional and internationally influential exhibition, Inter BEE attracts many leading brands in the industry. TESmart not only brought its newly iterated and upgraded series of KVM switches but also officially announced its newly established subsidiary in Japan at the exhibition.

Inter BEE 2023 Exhibition Overview

The 2023 Inter BEE exhibition will particularly focus on the application of emerging technologies in the media industry, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cloud computing. These cutting-edge technologies will not only drive industry development but also provide participating companies with more opportunities to showcase their innovative achievements.
In addition to a high regard for technological innovation, the exhibition also has a significant international impact. It is expected that companies from more than 30 countries and regions will participate, providing a platform for exchange and cooperation and further enhancing the international status of the exhibition.
In terms of environmental sustainability, this year's exhibition has also made a lot of effort. In addition to displaying high-tech products, it will focus on the performance of these products in environmental protection, encouraging more green and energy-saving products to enter the market.

TESmart and the Inter BEE 2023 Exhibition

  • Exhibition Schedule: November 15th - 17th, 10:00 - 17:00
  • Exhibition Location: Hall 2, 2205
TESmart will participate in the upcoming Inter BEE 2023 exhibition in November, where it will display its latest series of KVM switches and other innovative products. TESmart is a globally leading brand of KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) switches, acclaimed for its high quality, innovation, and reliability. Since its inception, TESmart has been committed to developing advanced KVM solutions for businesses of various sizes and needs. To better serve the Japanese market and expand its business in Asia, TESmart recently established a new subsidiary in Japan. With the establishment of the Japanese subsidiary, TESmart plans to further strengthen cooperation with local enterprises and partners in Japan in the future, promoting its high-quality and high-performance KVM solutions.

TESmart's Key Products and Innovative Features

At the upcoming Inter BEE 2023 exhibition, TESmart will showcase its range of newly iterated and upgraded KVM switch series. These products have been upgraded not only in terms of USB ports but also have added charging and audio interfaces to meet more diversified user needs.

  1. Single-Monitor KVM Switch HKS0401A3U

    • Purpose-Built Design: Tailored for efficient office work and advanced multitasking.

    • Input Support: Accommodates four input sources for seamless transitions between computers or servers.

    • Enhanced Productivity: Engineered to improve workflow efficiency significantly.

    • USB 3.0 Integration: Features USB 3.0 ports for rapid data transfer, enhancing file-sharing processes.

    • Charging Capability: Includes a USB port with charging function, ensuring continuous power supply to external devices.

  2. Dual-Monitor KVM Switch HKS0402A2U

    • Sophisticated Engineering: A feature-rich KVM switch designed for professional environments requiring swift task navigation.

    • Dual-Monitor Support: Facilitates a two-screen display setup for superior multitasking.

    • Connectivity Options: Connects to four input sources, providing user convenience and flexibility.

    • Superior Hardware: Equipped with four USB 3.0 ports, including a USB-C port for high-speed data transfer.

  3. Triple-Monitor KVM Switch HKS0403A1U

    • Industry Leadership: A top-tier KVM switch for enterprise users with demanding network and display requirements.

    • Triple-Monitor Display: Supports three screens, enhancing visibility and multitasking potential.

    • Connectivity Excellence: Allows connections to four computers, offering substantial operational convenience.

    • Advanced Hardware: Comes with three USB 3.0 ports, with a USB-C port for diverse device compatibility.

    • LAN Port Addition: Includes a LAN port for stable network connections at speeds up to 100 Mbps through an RJ45 interface.

  4. Matrix Product HMA0808A1U

    • Control Versatility: Supports various control inputs including infrared receiver, front panel keyboard, and PCs with LAN or RS232 ports.

    • Audio Compatibility: Compatible with advanced audio formats like PCM, Dolby AC3, DTS5.1, DTS7.1, and DSD, ensuring high-quality, diverse audio output.


TESmart: Technological R&D and Market Insights

As a leading brand in the field of KVM switches, TESmart's technological R&D strength and market insights have performed outstandingly in both the audio-video and computer hardware industries. In the audio-video industry, TESmart's KVM switches support up to 4K video resolution, meeting professional-level audio-video needs, and can achieve high-quality real-time audio-video stream processing. This is significant in application scenarios such as live broadcasting and remote conferencing. It also has significant advantages in audio processing, supporting multi-channel and high-definition audio transmission.

In the computer hardware industry, TESmart also demonstrates its excellent technological R&D strength. Through USB 3.0 and USB-C interfaces, its KVM switches can achieve high-speed data transmission. It is also worth mentioning that TESmart's KVM solutions can seamlessly interface with various operating systems and hardware platforms, with high compatibility and expandability. In terms of data encryption and transmission security, TESmart also has rich experience and advanced technology.

In addition to technological R&D strength, TESmart also has a keen insight into market needs. With multi-screen office becoming a trend, TESmart has timely launched KVM switches that support multi-screen display. In response to remote work needs brought about by the pandemic, its KVM solutions also support remote access and management. For different industries such as healthcare, education, and finance, TESmart can provide customized KVM solutions.

Through this exhibition, TESmart not only demonstrates its strong product and technological capabilities but also further proves its extensive global influence and huge development potential. Whether in the audio-video industry or the computer hardware industry, TESmart has shown exceptional technological R&D strength and a keen insight into market needs.

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