TESmart 4x4 HDMI Matrix 4K@60Hz UHD 4 in 4 out Support HDCP 2.2 with IR Remote Control, RS-232 & LAN Control, Power Off Memory Function

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Download: Matrix General Protocol - Remote Control Protocol

TESmart 4x4 HDMI Matrix 4k@60Hz with HDCP 2.2

This 4 in 4 out HDMI matrix routes 4 Ultra HD sources to 4 4K Ultra HD displays with HDMI inputs. Each source can be routed to any display, using the front-panel buttons or the IR Remote Control. The matrix can also be controlled via RS232 and LAN port. With smart EDID management, makes it compatible with most of the HDMI source and sink devices.


  • Support resolution up to 4K(3840x2160)@60Hz
  • Compliant with HDCP 2.2
  • Each HDMI output can share the same input or select standalone input
  • Support Unix/Windows/Debian/Ubuntu/Fedora /Mac OS X/Raspbian/Ubuntu for Raspberry Pi and other Linux based systems
  • Memorize matrix status after power down the matrix, automatically restore previous matrix status after the next power on
  • Support multiple switching methods: IR remote, panel keypads and PC( via RS232 or LAN port )
  • Support smart EDID analyzing, best compatible with most display devices
  • Support scene preset function to save time and improve working efficiency
  • Support HDR
  • Every output with a single extra L/R audio port
  • Support a wide range of audio formats by HDMI inputs and outputs: PCM, Dolby AC3, DTS5.1, DTS7.1 and DSD audio format

1. Where can I download the application and RS232 communication protocol?
A: You can download relevant documents from our official website. 

2. Is there a limit to the length of the HDMI cable?
A: When using 4K 60Hz as an input, it is required that the Input HDMI cable < 3 meters, and the output HDMI cable< 5meters;
when using 4K 30Hz as an input, it is required that the Input HDMI cable < 5 meters, and the output HDMI cable< 10meters;
When using 1080 60Hz as an input, it is required that the Input HDMI cable < 10 meters, and the output HDMI cable< 15 meters.
*Note: these suggestions are as a reference because the quality of cable has a great influence on transmission distance.

3. I can not get 4K@60Hz images?
A: Please check your displays' resolution, as the smart EDID management will allow your devices to output the lowest resolution so that all your screens have images.

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