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2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID

(Previously HKS0402A1U)

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    About this item:
    • The KVM switch comes with complete PC cables. 2* HDMI/USB + 2* HDMI cables (for the second monitor) to the computers are included.
    • Efficiently manage two PCs with a single keyboard, mouse, and dual 4K60Hz displays.
    • Designed specifically for computer devices that use one HDMI and one HDMI to achieve dual-monitor display.
    • Easily handles 4K60Hz, 3440x1440@100Hz, 2560x1440@144Hz, and more, compatible with HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2.
    • 2 Modes: Extend or split desktop for adaptable computer display on each monitor.
    • 3 ways to switch inputs: hotkeys, front button, or remote control, and seamless keyboard and mouse operation after switching.
    • EDID emulation prevents resolution and icon rearrangement.
    • K&M pass-through for wide keyboard compatibility: wired, wireless, mechanical, and gaming keyboards.
    • Share USB and audio peripherals for added convenience.
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and perfect for various scenarios: home, office, or education.
    2-PC Dual Monitor KVM Models Comparison:
    Model Edition Interface Resolution USB Hub Audio
    HKS202-P23 Prime HDMI+HDMI 4K@60Hz USB 3.0 Hub Audio I/O
    HDK202-P23 Prime HDMI+DP 4K@60Hz USB 3.0 Hub Audio I/O
    HKS202-EP23 Explorer HDMI+HDMI 4K@30Hz USB 2.0 Hub Audio I/O
    HKS202-E23 Elite HDMI+HDMI 4K@60Hz USB 2.0 Hub Audio Out
    HDK202-E23 Elite HDMI+DP 4K@60Hz USB 2.0 Hub Audio Out
    HKV202-E23 Elite HDMI+VGA 4K@60Hz USB 2.0 Hub Audio Out

    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
    2 Port Dual Monitor KVM Switch Kit HDMI 4K60Hz with EDID
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    • Efficiently manage two PCs with a set of keyboard, mouse, and dual 4K60Hz displays.
    • Connect each PC to this KVM switch with one HDMI and one HDMI output for dual-monitor functionality.
    • 2 Operating Modes: Mode 1 for extended desktop and Mode 2 for split desktop (each computer displays on 1 monitor simultaneously).
    • K&M pass-through for compatibility with various keyboard types: wired, wireless, mechanical, and gaming.
    • Easy plug & play setup with no drivers required.
    • Compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, ideal for home, office, or education scenarios.


    • 3 ways to switch inputs: keyboard hotkeys, front push buttons, or remote control.
    • Assignable hotkey triggers from Scroll Lock to Right-CTRL.
    • USB sharing for printers, jump drives, USB headsets, and webcams for teleconferencing.
    • Auto-scanning with the adjustable time interval from 1 to 250 seconds.
    • Transmits audio over HDMI to monitors or external speakers via KVM's stereo output.


    • HDMI 2.0 supports 3840x2160(4K)@60hz, 3440x1440@100Hz, QHD@144hz, FHD@144hz.
    • HDCP 2.2 compliant.
    • EDID emulation to prevent resolution and icon rearrangement.
    • No delay, zero latency keyboard, and mouse switching.
    • IR remote control (battery not included). Requires 2 AAA batteries.
    Before You Buy



    • 1 * 2x2 HDMI+HDMI Dual Monitor KVM Switch
    • 1 * DC 12V Power Adapter2 * HDMI Cables
    • 2 * KVM (HDMI+USB) Cables
    • 1 * IR Remote Control
    • 1 * User Manual


    • We provide Free Express (UPS/USPS/DHL ) for US shipping orders.


    • TESmart KVM switch comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. We offer a registration extension warranty program, register to extend the warranty to 3 years.
    • The warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use. We reserve the right to replace any defective product under warranty (No Repairs, Only Exchanges).


    • The switch must receive video signals on both HDMI inputs per PC for dual monitor output.
    • Audio is transmitted via HDMI connection. An HDMI monitor is required for audio.
    • Hotkeys are triggered via a keyboard plugged into the dedicated mouse or keyboard ports.
    • Emulation programming is locked and cannot be removed from mouse & keyboard ports.
    • Dedicated mouse & keyboard ports should not be used for other types of USB devices.
    • Use a powered USB hub to expand the number of USB 2.0 ports.
    • If the wireless mouse/keyboard is “jumpy”, use a USB extender to reduce the distance from the receiver.
    • Please install 2 AAA batteries before using the remote control (battery not included).


    • Dedicated mouse & keyboard ports have emulation programming. Second-generation chipsets have “Passthrough Mode” to send special characters such as multimedia keys (play, pause, volume up/down, etc), which greatly improves keyboard compatibility.
    • Keyboard software such as Logitech Options, DAS Q, Corsair iCUE, etc conflicts with the emulation programming and limits the ability to use dedicated macro keys. We recommend using the KVM’s USB 2.0 port as a workaround if this software is desired. The USB 2.0 port does not have emulation programming and therefore the KVM will not recognize hotkey switching commands. Please use a powered USB hub to expand USB connectivity, if needed.


    Tired of clutter? Try TESmart KVM switch

    Renovate your hybrid life

    Streamline your productivity with quick switching, stable performance, and wide device compatibility. Experience the convenience and efficiency of KVM Switch at a new level.

    • Unleash the Power of HDMI & HDMI

    • Unlock the Full Potential of 4K@60Hz

    • Dual Monitor, Two Display Modes

    • One-Touch Switching

    Experience the full potential of your HDMI devices with our KVM Switch. Connect each PC to two displays with ease through our high-performance HDMI port.

    Enjoy seamless switching between devices and streamline your productivity.

    Please note that each PC must make 2 video connections to the KVM for dual monitors.

    Ultimate compatibility for 4K, ultra-wide, and high-refresh-rate displays. Elevate your visual experience with this Dual Monitor HDMI KVM Switch.

    Supports resolutions up to:

    • 3840x2160 (4K) @60Hz,
    • 3440x1440 @100Hz,
    • 2560x1440 @144Hz.

    Choose between extended and split desktop modes for seamless control of multiple devices on dual screens. Effortlessly switch between laptop and PC while controlling dual screens, audio, keyboard, and mouse.

    Perfect for home, office, or educational settings.

    Enjoy reliable 4K monitor support for both Mac and Windows.

    Simplify your setup and save time with this amazing KVM switch.

    Choose your ideal switching method:

    Keyboard Hotkeys, IR Remote, or Front Panel Buttons.

    • Always Accurate Display with EDID Emulation

    • Enhance KVM Compatibility with Pass-Through Mode

    • Seamless Keyboard and Mouse Switching

    • Seamless Audio and USB 2.0 Sharing

    Never worry about display issues again.

    Our KVM Switch with EDID emulation ensures that your computers always receive the correct display information, providing a seamless and worry-free experience.

    Compatible with various keyboard types including wired, wireless with 2.4G receiver, mechanical, and multimedia.

    Enjoy improved KVM compatibility with Pass-Through Mode.

    Experience instant keyboard and mouse access on any connected PC with seamless switching.

    Say goodbye to waiting and hello to uninterrupted productivity with our KVM Switch.

    Connect your headphones or speakers with ease through our L/R audio output port and enjoy the seamless audio output.

    Share USB 2.0 devices between multiple devices, simplifying your setup and increasing your productivity.

    Perfect for home, office, or educational settings.

    What's in the box?


    • 1 * 2x2 HDMI+HDMI Dual Monitor KVM Switch
    • 1 * DC 12V Power Adapter
    • 2 * HDMI Cables
    • 2 * KVM (HDMI+USB) Cables
    • 1 * IR Remote Control
    • 1 * User Manual

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Works great for me. I could have used this years ago.

    This is the first device of this kind that out for me. I have two, large external monitors, one work laptop, and a personal desktop hooked up to this. So, now I can have three screens for working (one of the screens is a laptop screen), and then easily switch to my personal computer at the press of a single button. Additionally, I love that I only need a single keyboard and mouse for two computers. That frees up a lot of desktop space and is a lot easier ergonomically. Even though it is a bit pricey, I feel like it worth the purchase, because it actually does what I want and need. I should have invested in this setup years ago since working from home.

    I have tried other HDMI switches before, but they all ended up failing for one reason or another, but this KVM did the trick. This is so simple. Just hook up the cables as shown on the device. Just be aware that each computer requires two HDMI cables for output and one HDMI for each external monitor. This KVM comes with cables, but you may need two additional HDMI cables that don't come with this kit. Check what kind of connections are on each of your computers and monitors. For instance, my desktop computer only has one HDMI cable output, but four display port outputs. So, I needed a display port to HDMI cable that is not included here. Just a heads up, if you are not so computer savvy.

    Overall, this gets a 5 stars from me. It didn't take too long to setup. The cable management took longer. You will have a lot of cables all over the place, so I recommend also purchasing cable management organizers to keep your desk looking clean.

    Jackson Miller
    Streamlined Productivity: A Switch that Revolutionized My Workspace

    I've got my trusty iMac and a custom-built PC side by side on my desk, and let me tell you, this switch paired with a powered USB hub has been an absolute game-changer. Just a button press away, I can effortlessly switch between my two computers in a mere ~2 seconds. What's even more amazing is the EDID emulation feature, which ensures that all my windows and applications stay put across all of my monitors - no more rearranging!

    Of course, the default setup lets me use a single mouse, keyboard, and set of monitors for both computers. But with the added powered USB hub, I've expanded to include all my other peripherals like my wireless headset and future USB-powered gadgets, like a webcam. This setup has brought a new level of convenience to my workflow.

    One standout feature is how this switch seamlessly handles different display adapters - I've thrown DVI to HDMI and DisplayPort to Thunderbolt at it, and it just works without a hitch. Before making the purchase, I was thorough and sent a detailed questionnaire to the TESmart support team. Their prompt, knowledgeable, and clear responses assured me that this switch would meet my needs, and it certainly has.

    Gone are the days of swapping wires and dealing with cable chaos. Thanks to this switch, my workspace is now incredibly clean and organized. I'm sold on this setup and will never go back to managing two computers without a switch like this one.

    Rodney A. Kaltz
    KVM Switch

    Able to switch between 2 laptop and not miss a beat.

    Works great, painless installation

    Use to switch my monitors and keyboard/mouse/camera between my home PC and my work laptop through a docking station.

    Easy set up, everything worked right away, all the cables I needed were in the box.

    Switches quickly between computers with the touch of a button. Everything is right on the screen where you left it - no awkward display reformatting.

    Best Value for the price

    I bought this hoping for a OK KVM... It works great! They are on par with more expensive products. It is fast, responsive, and I have no issue so far

    Also, the service is great!

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