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Avoiding 3 Common Mistakes When Buying a KVM Switch

Purchasing a KVM switch is for the purpose of improving work efficiency and convenience, but sometimes, some common mistakes can be made. In this article, we will introduce three common errors when buying a KVM switch and provide corresponding solutions to help you avoid these mistakes and make informed purchasing decisions.


Error One: Ignoring Required Ports and Connection Options

Error Description

When purchasing a KVM switch, some people may overlook the specific port and connection options needed for their computer system. They might only focus on the basic functions of the switch and neglect the specific types and quantities of connections required by their computer system.


Before buying a KVM switch, make sure you understand the connection requirements of your computer system. Determine the required connection types (such as HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, etc.) and the number of ports needed. Choose a KVM switch that can meet your needs and ensure it has the appropriate ports and connection options.


Error Two: Ignoring Compatibility and Expandability

Error Description

Some people overlook the importance of compatibility and expandability when purchasing a KVM switch. They might only consider the compatibility with their current devices and ignore the compatibility with potential future devices or systems they might add.


Before buying a KVM switch, consider the devices or systems you may add in the future and ensure that the selected switch has the corresponding compatibility and expandability. Check the specifications and documentation of the switch to confirm the supported device types and quantities, so that your system can be expanded as needed.


Error Three: Ignoring Technical Support and After-Sales Service

Error Description

When purchasing a KVM switch, some people overlook the importance of technical support and after-sales service. They might only focus on the price and features and neglect the reputation of the brand and the technical support and after-sales service provided by the manufacturer.


Before buying a KVM switch, research the reputation and customer reviews of the manufacturer and check the technical support and after-sales service they offer. Choose a well-known brand that provides quality technical support to ensure you can receive timely assistance and problem-solving capabilities when using the KVM switch.



Avoiding these common mistakes when purchasing a KVM switch is crucial. Make sure to understand your connection requirements, choose a switch with compatibility and expandability, and select a manufacturer that offers high-quality technical support and after-sales service. By avoiding these errors, you will be able to make informed purchasing decisions and choose the most suitable KVM switch for your needs, enhancing work efficiency and convenience.


TESmart KVM Switch Recommendations

For Dual Monitors Setup: HKS0202A2U - This switch supports dual 4K 60Hz displays, allowing you to easily manage two computers and two displays with just one keyboard and mouse. It offers a convenient and efficient solution for daily work without the need for frequent cable swapping. Additionally, it provides extension and mix mode to meet different computer display requirements. With complete PC connection cables and comprehensive support for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, this KVM switch ensures stable operation across different operating systems.

For Three Monitors Setup: HKS0403A1U - It supports up to 4 computers and up to 3 displays, allowing you to manage multiple devices simultaneously and greatly enhance work efficiency. With multiple USB3.0 interfaces (including USB C and charging function), LAN port, and headphone jack, it caters to various needs. Furthermore, the one-key lock KVM function ensures the security of private information. The easy-to-use LCD visual display screen makes switch operation clear at a glance."

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