TESmart DP Dual Screen KVM Switch: Revolutionizing Multi-Screen Management

TESmart DP Dual Screen KVM Switch: Revolutionizing Multi-Screen Management



TESmart, a pioneer in technological innovation, has recently introduced its latest model, the PKS0402A20 DP Dual Screen KVM Switch, integrating numerous advanced features and technological upgrades. This product not only provides an efficient multi-screen management solution but also showcases TESmart's technical prowess through its exceptional performance.

TESmart Innovative Technology: TESmart is committed to the research and development of innovative technologies, applying cutting-edge tech to everyday life and work environments. TESmart products are known for their high performance, reliability, and user-friendly design, and this new KVM switch is a testament to the brand's innovative capabilities.


Overview of PKS0402A20 Model

Product Highlights

The PKS0402A20 model features several latest upgrades, including 4 USB 3.0 ports (one of which is a USB-C port) and 2 ports capable of charging. The addition of an integrated microphone and L/R audio outputs extends the multimedia application range of the device. The new color LCD screen and front panel buttons greatly simplify the monitoring of signal switching and control operations.

Technical Details

TESmart's PKS0402A20 KVM switch shines in its technical parameters. Equipped with advanced USB 3.0 ports, it ensures high-speed and stable data transfer, while the inclusion of the USB-C port expands connectivity options with the latest devices. Moreover, the integrated microphone and L/R audio outputs offer users a richer audio experience, whether it's clearly conveying voices in meetings or enjoying high-quality sound in gaming and video watching.

Another feature is its color LCD screen and front panel button design. The new LCD screen not only allows users to see the current connection status intuitively but also increases the device's user-friendliness and ease of use. The front panel buttons make switching operations simpler and faster. In terms of supporting high-definition resolution and compatibility, PKS0402A20 can deliver resolutions up to 3840×2160@60Hz, producing clear and sharp images, ideal for various applications requiring high-resolution displays. It's also compatible with DP 1.2 and HDCP 2.2 standards, ensuring smooth and secure use with the latest display technologies and content protection protocols.


Technical Insights - About DP Technology

In the digital display field, DisplayPort (DP) technology has become one of the key high-performance interface standards, especially prominent in high-end display solutions. Developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), DP aims to surpass traditional VGA and DVI standards, offering more efficient and flexible video transmission capabilities.

Deep Features of DP Technology

  • Extremely High Transmission Bandwidth: One of DP technology's major highlights is its ultra-high data transmission capacity. For example, the latest DP 1.4 version boasts a maximum bandwidth of 32.4Gbps, far exceeding previous digital video interface standards. This allows DP to support higher resolution videos, such as 5K and even 8K, while maintaining high refresh rates and deep color depth.

  • Multi-Stream Transport (MST): DP technology supports Multi-Stream Transport (MST), meaning a single DP interface can transmit multiple independent video signals simultaneously. For multi-monitor setups, like professional trading platforms or video editing workstations, this feature allows output from a single DP source to multiple displays, each showing different content.

  • Efficient Data Compression: The DP 1.4 version introduced efficient video encoding (HBR3) and Display Stream Compression (DSC) technologies, allowing higher resolution video transmission without sacrificing image quality. This is crucial for applications needing to transmit high-quality videos in bandwidth-limited environments.

  • Audio-Video Synchronization: The DP interface supports both video and audio transmission, offering an integrated solution that reduces wiring complexity and enhances overall system integration.

Scenario Applications

Home and Office Environments

In home and office environments, this KVM switch showcases its versatility. For home users, particularly those working from home or in remote learning scenarios, this KVM switch can manage multiple computers and screens, greatly enhancing multitasking capabilities and efficiency. It simplifies the process of switching between different devices, allowing users to seamlessly transition between home and work tasks, maintaining a balance between work and life.

Multi-Screen Gaming Experience

For gaming enthusiasts, it offers a smooth and immersive multi-screen gaming experience. Gamers can easily switch between multiple displays with this KVM switch, whether for multitasking games or playing on one screen while chatting in real-time or consulting game guides on another. PKS0402A20's high-resolution support and rapid response times provide gamers with an unparalleled gaming environment, enhancing the immersion and experience of gaming.

Professional Workstations

In professional workstation scenarios, such as graphic design, video editing, or audio production, this KVM switch demonstrates its true strength. It not only supports high-resolution and multi-screen displays but also delivers stable performance and excellent image quality, enabling professionals to perform precise graphic design or video editing tasks on different screens. PKS0402A20's efficient workflow and outstanding display effects provide professionals with the necessary tools to complete their complex and demanding projects.



TESmart's newly launched PKS0402A20 DP Dual Screen KVM Switch is not just a technologically advanced product; it epitomizes innovation and efficient working methods. This switch's launch not only meets the market demand for efficient and high-performance device management solutions but also signifies an important breakthrough for TESmart in the KVM switch field.

The design and functionality of PKS0402A20 reflect a deep understanding of user needs and keen insight into market dynamics. From home offices to professional workstations, from gaming entertainment to business applications, PKS0402A20 undoubtedly enhances users' work efficiency and experience quality in multi-screen environments. Its multifunctionality, user-friendliness, and advanced technical specifications are a direct response to the current fast-paced, multitasking work environments.


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