TESmart's Technological Breakthroughs Shine at Inter BEE 2023

TESmart's Technological Breakthroughs Shine at Inter BEE 2023


TESmart, a trendsetting brand in the KVM switch field, is renowned globally for its spirit of innovation and technical excellence. At the 2023 Inter BEE exhibition, TESmart not only showcased its latest iterations and upgrades of KVM switches, reflecting the company's relentless pursuit of technological innovation and enhanced user experience, but also marked an important step in TESmart's global expansion strategy: the establishment of a new subsidiary in Japan. This move not only strengthens TESmart's influence in the Asian market but also demonstrates its deep understanding and commitment to the Japanese and surrounding regional markets.

Inter BEE, an influential international exhibition, attracts many leading brands globally each year. This exhibition serves as a platform for technological showcases and crucial occasions for industry enterprises to exchange and explore future trends. TESmart's appearance at the event not only demonstrated its leadership in the KVM switch field but also reflected the company's commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.


Exhibition Highlights

  • Main Product Display: TESmart exhibited several new and upgraded KVM switches, including series for different monitor configurations (like the Single Monitor KVM Switch HKS0401A3U, Dual Monitor KVM Switch HKS0402A2U, and Triple Monitor KVM Switch HKS0403A1U) and the Matrix HMA0808A1U. These products were upgraded with USB ports and added charging and audio interfaces to meet more diverse user needs.

  • Technical Showcase: TESmart's KVM switches support up to 4K video resolution, essential for high-quality real-time audio and video streaming in applications like live broadcasting and remote conferencing. Additionally, TESmart's KVM solutions also support multi-screen displays, responding to the needs of multi-screen office work and remote work.

  • User Interaction: The TESmart team actively engaged with attendees and partners, sharing product knowledge and addressing customer concerns in detail.

    • Focus 1: What is a KVM switch?
TESmart: TESmart's KVM switches are designed to provide a seamless device management and switching experience, ensuring users can easily switch between multiple computers and servers. Our products are designed with efficiency, convenience, and compatibility in mind to meet various needs, from personal workstations to large enterprise environments.
    • Focus 2: Recommendations for KVM switch setups - How should I choose?

TESmart: For different work scenarios, we recommend choosing the suitable KVM switch based on specific user needs. For instance, our multi-monitor KVM switches offer excellent efficiency and convenience for professional environments handling large data and multitasking. For standard office settings, a single-monitor KVM switch suffices for everyday needs.
Gaming Scenarios: For gamers, TESmart's KVM switches support up to 4K @60Hz resolution, ideal for high-end gaming experiences. The EDID emulator ensures games always run with optimal settings.
Office Scenarios: In daily office work, the addition of USB 3.0 (including 1 USB-C port) and LAN ports provides high-speed data transfer and stable network connections, crucial for environments requiring quick access to cloud services and large files.
Business Scenarios: In data-intensive business environments, three advanced switching modes (keyboard hotkeys, IR remote, and front-panel buttons) and auto-scan features can improve work efficiency and monitoring capabilities.
Home Office Scenarios: For remote workers, the capability to share a keyboard, mouse, and three monitors among multiple computers effectively organizes workspaces while maintaining efficient workflows.
Home Entertainment Scenarios: High-resolution output supporting 3D, HDR, HDCP, and Dolby Vision, combined with a mini microphone and L/R audio outputs, offers a rich entertainment experience.


    • Focus 3: What are the future functionalities and technology upgrades for KVM switches?
TESmart: In the future, TESmart will continue to be at the forefront of technological innovation, committed to constantly upgrading our KVM switch product line. Our R&D team is focused on integrating higher video specification standards, including support for the latest HDMI 2.1 and DP 1.4. This means that future TESmart KVM switches will be able to handle higher resolutions and greater bandwidth, bringing users a clearer and smoother visual experience. In addition, we are actively developing solutions that support higher refresh rates to keep pace with the rapid development of current display technology. Future products will support refresh rates up to 120FPS or even 144FPS, which will be a significant technological leap for users seeking the ultimate gaming experience. This will enable TESmart's KVM switches to be suitable not only for efficient work environments but also for high-end gaming and professional-grade graphic design needs.
Furthermore, we plan to integrate wireless connectivity and Bluetooth technology into our KVM switches, greatly enhancing the flexibility and convenience of the devices. At the same time, we are continuously improving the device compatibility and transmission security of our products to ensure that our customers enjoy a safe and efficient experience when using TESmart products.


    Exhibition Achievements

    At Inter BEE 2023, TESmart not only demonstrated its technological leadership in the KVM switch field but also successfully laid out a new blueprint for business development. The exhibition established valuable new business contacts, expanded potential customer bases, and explored new collaborative opportunities. These achievements attest to TESmart's products' market appeal and its global vision as an industry leader.

    More importantly, TESmart's new subsidiary in Japan will play a key role in its expansion strategy in the Asian market. This move signifies TESmart's deep commitment to Japan and its surrounding markets and shows its determination to deepen cooperative relationships and enhance brand influence globally. By establishing closer ties with local enterprises and partners in Japan, TESmart plans to further promote its high-quality and high-performance KVM solutions to meet the growing technological needs.



    Industry Insights and Trends

    At Inter BEE 2023, TESmart not only showcased its innovative products but also displayed deep insights into industry trends. The TESmart team is closely watching emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and cloud computing, driving the media industry's evolution. By analyzing these trends, TESmart also plans to explore and research integrating these advanced technologies into its product design and functionality, maintaining a leading position in the audio-video and computer hardware industry.

    TESmart recognizes that as technology rapidly advances, customer needs are also evolving. Thus, TESmart continues to innovate to ensure its products meet current market demands and adapt to future developments. At the exhibition, TESmart showcased how its products adapt to these changes and shared insights on future technological trends, indicating TESmart's foresight and leadership in the industry.



    As the Inter BEE exhibition concludes, TESmart gains not only significant business results but also profound learning and growth. We sincerely thank every customer who supported the TESmart brand at the event; your participation fuels our continual progress. We look forward to future events and exhibitions, hoping to establish long-lasting and deep cooperative relationships with more partners and clients, respecting and integrating the etiquette spirit of Japanese culture. TESmart commits to continuing its philosophy of innovation and excellence, offering higher quality products and services to our esteemed customers.


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