TESmart in Spain: Leading KVM Tech at International Electronics Show

TESmart in Spain: Leading KVM Tech at International Electronics Show


With the rapid advancement of technology, the International Electronics Show (ISE) has become a leading stage for global technological innovation, gathering numerous industry leaders and innovative companies. As a key participant in this grand event, TESmart announces our participation in this year's ISE show in Spain. At ISE, TESmart will showcase our innovative product series, including advanced KVM switches designed for various industry scenarios. These products not only demonstrate our commitment to technological innovation but also highlight our deep understanding of customer needs.

International Electronics Show (ISE) Overview

The International Electronics Show (ISE) is a premier event in the global electronics and digital media technology industry, attracting technology pioneers and innovators from around the world each year. As one of the industry's iconic events, ISE offers a unique platform for exhibitors and visitors to explore the forefront of electronic products, solutions, and trends. The exhibition showcases not only the latest audio-visual equipment but also covers various connectivity technologies, smart home solutions, commercial automation systems, and more, providing an ideal venue for industry professionals and technology enthusiasts to exchange ideas and collaborate.

Exhibition Details

  • Exhibition Dates: The exhibition will run from January 30th to February 1st, 2024, with daily opening hours from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. On the last day, February 2nd, the exhibition will be open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

  • Exhibition Venue: We will welcome all visitors at our booth, number 5L700, located in Hall 5 of the Fira de Barcelona Exhibition Center in Barcelona, Spain.

Exhibition Highlights

Innovative Product Showcase

At the upcoming International Electronic Show (ISE), TESmart will showcase our innovative product lines, including KVM switch series and other audio-visual equipment series, offering tailored solutions for diverse professional needs. Here are some of the key products we will be presenting:

  • Single Monitor KVM Switch: This product series is designed for professionals who need to manage multiple computers efficiently and stably on a single monitor. Its simplicity and ease of use make it an ideal choice for both office and home environments, providing seamless switching and excellent performance. The main model in the single monitor series, HKS0401A3U, is designed for professionals who need to manage multiple computers efficiently and stably on one monitor. It perfectly combines ease of use with advanced features. Equipped with ultra-fast USB 3.0 ports, including one that offers charging functionality, this KVM switch ensures rapid data transfer while charging mobile devices. The innovative front panel buttons and integrated microphone and left/right audio output further enhance the user experience, making audio conferencing and multimedia usage richer.

  • Dual Monitor KVM Switch: This switch is tailor-made for users who need to manage and monitor two displays simultaneously. It can handle two independent video sources, offering users higher work efficiency and a better visual experience. It is particularly suitable for finance, programming, and multimedia editing industries. The main model in the dual monitor series is HDK0202A2U. This switch provides two USB 3.0 ports, one with charging capability, ensuring fast data transfer and convenient device charging. Its innovative front panel design and integrated microphone and left/right audio outputs increase usability, while support for the right Alt-gr key accommodates different keyboard usage habits of users.

  • Triple Monitor KVM Switch: This product offers a broader view and more powerful control for high-end users who need to work across multiple monitors. With its advanced features and exceptional performance, it meets the demanding needs of multitasking and multi monitor collaboration, making it ideal for video surveillance, graphic design, and advanced data analysis. The newly upgraded triple-display KVM switch, tailored for high-end users, offers unprecedented breadth of vision and control capabilities. Evolving from the HDC403-P model with an upgraded triple-display design, this device enhances inputs 1 and 2 through MST technology, allowing a USB-C laptop and three desktops to seamlessly achieve triple monitor output, thus providing a more expansive workspace. Its integrated power module eliminates concerns about laptop power issues, making the switch between workstations and gaming laptops effortless.

  • Matrix Products: Our matrix series products are designed for users in complex work environments, such as command centers, monitoring rooms, and multimedia studios, who need highly flexible input/output configurations and efficient signal management. These products offer advanced functionality and excellent performance, easily handling the switching and distribution of multiple video and audio sources. The matrix products boast advanced technical features, such as supporting 8 HDMI source devices connected simultaneously to 8 HDMI displays. They provide flexible control options, such as simple control of the matrix via an infrared receiver, front keyboard, and PC (through LAN or RS232 connection). This means users can easily manage multiple video sources and displays, ensuring smooth transmission and precise display of information.


Interactive Experience

Product Experience

At TESmart's booth, we have set up a dedicated interactive experience area, inviting visitors to personally experience the application and effectiveness of our KVM switches and other products in various real-world work scenarios. We believe that through direct experience, visitors will gain a deeper understanding of the advantages and practicality of our products.

Professional Guidance

Our booth will be staffed by a team of professionals who will be on-site to answer any questions you may have about our products. Whether you are interested in technical specifications, the installation process, or the suitability for specific application scenarios, our team will provide detailed information and demonstrations, helping you gain a comprehensive understanding of our products.



At TESmart, we are constantly dedicated to advancing the intelligence and efficiency of work environments. We firmly believe in the power of technology to significantly improve the way people work and the quality of their lives. At the upcoming ISE Spain Electronics Show, we will showcase our latest achievements, which represent not only our current capabilities but also our exploration into the future direction of technology.

On this important international stage, we will demonstrate to visitors how to integrate innovative technology into daily work to enhance efficiency and flexibility. Our booth (Hall 5, Stand 5L700) will be a perfect blend of technology and practicality, featuring not only our series of KVM switches but also a range of solutions designed to optimize workflows and strengthen device interconnectivity.

We eagerly await your visit to join us in exploring these innovative technologies and discussing how they can be applied across different industries and use cases. Let us witness the progress of technology together, experience the limitless possibilities it brings, and jointly embark on a future of smarter, more efficient work environments.

We look forward to meeting you at Fira de Barcelona!


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