HDMI Extender KVM Over TCP/IP Ethernet Via Single Cat5e/6 Cable 1080P with IR - Up to 120m


Plug Type: US Plug
Color: Black
Sale price$95.99


Power plug comparison table
EUBK=European standard black 
USBK=U.S. standard black 
UKBK=British standard black
AUBK=Australian black
(EU: plug specification  BK: product color black )

Buy TX: Transmitter only

Buy RX: Receiver only 


Product video:  HKE12MMA10



  1. Supports resolution up to 1080p Full HD HDMI bandwidth up to 2.25Gbps data rate
  2. Support 8KV ESD protection
  3. Support TMDS equalization and enhancement
  4. By transmitting keyboard and mouse Data via LAN, it is easy to control PC or other media players remotely
  5. Also, it is available to send Data from up to 16 transmitters to 253 receivers base on router or network switch
  6. Many to Many Connection, Simply Configure address IP achieve 16 transmitters multiple switch to 253 receivers
  7. EDID pass-through, compatible with most display devices
  8. Infrared control signal pass-through function
  9. Support fiber-optic converter to extend transmission distance up to 20KM
  10. Comply with TCP/IP protocol (the image will be compressed)

Please Note:
1) Its USB ports is dedicated, only use for Keyboard&Mouse
2) It takes up a lot of network speed, it requires use 1000M IGMP network switch if you use network switch,we recommend using this extender with a separate network switch/router that supports VLAN
3) Because it comply with TCP/IP protocol, the image will be compressed
4) In order to make these units to work, all the units need power supply
5) It is normal the video will have delay. The delay based on the length of cable and using condition
6)CAT5 / 6 networking cable is recommended

Q: Why the direct one to one connection cannot be used?
A: You must use a super Cat5 / 6e network cable (wire sequence T-568B), please check if the addresses of the DIP switches of the transmitter and receiver match

Q: “Check input signal” appear on the screen? (Check input signal)
A: The input signal is inaccessible, please check if the source of the HDMI input signal is connected normally. It is recommended to replace the shorter HDMI cable. Input signal recommended within 5 meters.

Q: (Searching Tx) appears on the screen?
A: The network cable is partially disconnected, please check if the network cable is normal. It is recommended to use Super Category 5 and Category 6 network cables.

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